MB 1836, Bj:2010, Müller, ca. 8.000l

technical details vehicle

manufacturer: MB
type: 1836
year of manufacturing: 2010
admissible total weight: ca. 18.000 kg
exhaust emission standard: Euro 5
axes: 2
tractable axes: 1

technical details equipment

manufacturer: Müller
vehicle body type: suction car with rinsing device
size: ca. 8.000l
size waterchamber: ca. 1.500 l
size of sludge chamber: ca. 6.500 l
vacuum pump: CVS Vacustar W 1600 R - ca. 1.600 cbm/h
suction hose jib: DN 100 " - ca. 25 m
high pressure pump: Speck P45/60-250 - ca. 250 bar - ca. 67 l/min
flush hose: 12 " - ca. 60 m
radio control:
secondary drive:


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suction car with rinsing device, suction car with rinsing device, 1836, Müller, 2010, ca. 8.000l, CVS Vacustar W 1600 R, Speck P45/60-250, refurbished, overhaul, second-hand, used, pre-owned